Wow…. I hardly ever blow my own trumpet…but I’ve just gone through all my qualifications…Jeez….I really have studied and achieved a great deal over the years.
Sometimes it takes to your maturer years to really know your path and why you’re on this earth ~ After 15 years of living overseas, many trips to India, living in Asia and many. many years of personal self development., I have to say, that I really, really love my self practices and how I teach~ Intuitively combining all aspects of yoga & mindfulness, to restore and balance body, mind and spirit!
If anyone would like to attend a class or have a one to one with me, please get in touch – Private Wellness coaching & yoga sessions available!
So many qualifications and so much to be proud of!! Here’s the list to share!!
**12 weeks intensive sadhana, self study & yogic practice at the Swami Rama ashram in Rishikesh…
**Yoga certificate with Jay Rossi ~ Nottingham: Advanced training in Hatha Vinyasa
**200 hours with Yoga Vidya Gurukul ~ Nashik, India: Yoga Education
**200 hours certificate Yoga teacher training at The School of Yoga Pada in Kerala ~ India
**1 month intensive training ~ Yoguhut Tapovan, Rishikesh ~ India: Traditonal Ashtanga Tristhana method.
**50 hours Yoga Specialist training – Well woman Yoga, womb yoga & therapy with Uma Dunsmore Tili in London
**100 hours Ayurvedic Conscious Living course at Akhanda Ashram ~ Rishikesh..
**Laughter Yoga teacher training with the Founder Dr Kataria in Bangalore, India ~ Trained as a teacher trainer & Laughter yoga leader
**Certificate in Yoga/dance for kids ~ U.K
**Certificate 50 hours intensive Yin Yoga in India
**Restorative Yoga weekend – London
**2 weeks volunteer work at the Phool Chatti ashram – India
** 5 vipassana silent retreats.
I also hold qualifications and Diploma in: Creative Coaching, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Reflexology, Bach flowers, marma point massage, Advanced Diploma in Nutrition and I’ve dabbled in EFT!!