With all that’s going on today, I’m taking a moment look back to just a few months ago to my trip to Nashville with Nissan where I toured the Nashville Public Library and my time at Essence.
Along with fellow media influencers, we sat at a re-constructed lunch counter where we learned the plight of many including John Lewis, MLK, and hundreds more who fought for equal rights, de-segregated schools and equal opportunity for all. This was ONE generation ago.. Just one.
I also visited the Museum for the Free People of Color in New Orleans during my time at Essence Fest last month which was incredibly moving.
Grateful for the opportunity to learn. Freedom is not free nor is progress and I have no desire in going back to when it was “great again”‘ for some but not all.
Thank you Darla Yager Turner Jocelyn K. Allen Sheila Eldridge for the unmeasurable opportunity and experience.