Why do Black People laugh at the struggle of another black person.. I was with one of my x boyfriend, yes he was an Mexican, he told me how Mexicans role, when they see one of theirs down they don’t laugh, but try to help and aide them.. Mexicans, Whites, Chinese, and Many other races BESIDES BLACKS have you notice something, they all work as (ONE).. other races don’t LIKE YOU black people if you haven’t noticed it yet.. but wow, now it’s you that don’t even like you.. I get on face book to educate black people to tell them what other races see and feel about you, but I see it goes through one ear and out the other.. What is the purpose of being a Black when it’s hated by all other races including it’s selves.. what is the purpose of such race living while you are hated by other races, and now even hated by yourselves, talking down about your ownsleves.. Look at this Jealousy, Hatred, and Envy, that race has turned into a monster..