White people used to have their own tribal earth based religions too, before the same force of colonialism that ravaged the Native Americans came and eradicated their traditions. I’m grateful for the Native Americans that have been so kind as to share their traditions with white folks, for I think in many of us there is a deep subconscious or conscious desire for the community and wisdom that indigenous culture provides. I think deep within some white people too, there are still echoes of that trauma of having their traditions stripped away from them, though it was so long ago. Sometimes it’s a delicate balance for someone wasn’t raised in those Native American traditions to uphold them in a way of utmost integrity because they can have cultural blind spots they are not aware of. And it must take a lot of trust for a Native American to share these traditions with a white person, when they have betrayed their trust so often. Those with a respect for indigenous/tribal way of dress, ceremonial ways and traditions should do our best not to betray that trust. Lest we lose it all together. Just having some thoughts on #CulturalAppropriation today.