When I was 21 I felt compelled to leave home and travel west to see what I might discover.
Financially it ruined me. 9/11 happened as I was driving and every opportunity for work dried up on the spot.
I was sleeping on couches for weeks hoping something would pan out… then one day I get a call from a recruiter asking me if I was willing to move to Fort McMurray, AB.
In a two year period I grew as a leader.
The people I worked with were on another level.
My manager to this day is one of the best leaders I’ve ever met and I continue to email to thank him for taking the time to teach me what he did.
To say I was over my head would be an understatement.
But getting around great people was by chance then, today it’s by choice.
If you’re the most successful person on your street, move.
It’s one of the best forcing functions to push you to grow.

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