What makes you feel FIERCE?!
For me, its when I kick ass in my AM workout and carry that fire through my WHOLE day. Usually that means crushing barriers and mental blocks telling me I am not strong enough to do that last rep or I can’t breathe enough to do the last jumping jack. I DO IT ANYWAYS. because I CAN.
That fire from working HARD and doing things I didnt think I could translates into SMILES and better choices all day, and quite honestly over time fitting into my clothes better and feeling FIERCE looking at that mirror too.
You know that feeling. That one where you WORKED HARD, you EARNED IT, and now you are going to OWN IT as you go about your day, night, party, or wedding.
I am putting together a Fitclub for us likeminded fierce ladies to wake up and do the WORK together, to celebrate the wins and support through the struggles, but most importantly, be FIERCE in our conviction to never give up and fight for our goals, mental and physical.
Are you ready to do this summer the right way? Join us for the fun! Drop what makes YOU feel fierce below and I will get you all of the details!