UPDATE: The March for Racial Justice is making things right. See link at bottom.
I am deeply disappointed that the March for Racial Justice is scheduled for the high holy day of Yom Kippur on September 30. After Charlottesville, it is especially important that Jews be able to protest the resurgence of American Nazis and the KKK. If you haven’t watched the VICE special yet, please do. It makes clear that the new white supremacists will focus their animus on the two groups who have historically been their main targets: black people and Jewish people.
I realize that no harm was intended, but this is a major oversight that has been, in my experience, committed again and again by left and progressive organizations, usually without apology. I have had to choose repeatedly between attending a board meeting or a march and observing the holidays. It’s a little astonishing to me that this continues to happen given the large number of Jews who are involved in social justice work and political organizing, but it does. It’s not enough to apologize; the organizers should reschedule the march for a time when Jews can stand up for both themselves and for allies.
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