UNWORTHINESS AND THE MIRACLE <3 “When we accept the Atonement, the miracle, what actually happens? Forgiveness is the relinquishment of guilt which is the singular cause of all forms of fear, judgment, grievances, conflict, shame, self-blame, concern, anxiety, worry, pain or illness, lack, etc. The guilt which spawned these forms of fear is relinquished in exchange for the miracle. This is a shift in perception which cancels out the seeming “effects” or consequences of guilt and fear. Once the cause of error is undone the effects, including pain and sickness are free to fall away as well. I’m learning something huge. The fundamental cause of all suffering arises from a deeply held and cherished ego belief: “I am not worthy.” At the very core of this belief is the darkest secret of all time. To believe that “I am not worthy” is a decision to reject Love as our Holy Self; which is a rejection of God. This belief in unworthiness is really arrogance because we seek to identify as the ego rather than as God’s immaculate Child. The statement, “God Himself is incomplete without me”, is not arrogance but True humility. It’s a declaration stating that we are one with God and that there is no opposite of God. To believe we are not worthy is a choice to retain guilt. Guilt and fear are the ego’s lifeblood and they fuel all the desires and defenses that we’ve ever had. Guilt, fear and unworthiness act as our fiercest defenses against remembering our True Identity as Love without…” TO READ THE FULL EXCERPT GO TO: https://takemetotruth.org/nou…/unworthiness-and-the-miracle/