Thang Sapa bitter, foul and difficult to eat. Eat one time is remember forever, eat 2 times the risk of appetite for the third time. If you eat 3 times then it is very easy to be addicted to the Sapa Thang.
Made in favor of the beautiful natural scenery, Sapa do not attract many visitors to here. Sapa tourism outside the landscapes, also have unique culinary specialties. Thang is one of the specialties make the name of cuisine here.
Thang Co is known as the traditional food of the H’Mong people, originating from the mountains of Ha Giang. In the past, indigenous peoples processed from a horse, without leaving anything. After this, buffalo meat was also brought in to cook the win. This dish to Sapa has many cooking areas but the best win is still winning horses in Bac Ha, Muong Khuong, Sa Pa – Lao Cai.


Trying to cook is quite simple. All of the heart, small intestine, large intestine, fluttering lungs, is called common greenhouse organs are cooked with horse bone, horse meat, but very foul smell. Before cooking, the meat and viscera are washed, boiled, seasoned with spices, then dropped into a pot of water with horse bone, viscera, ….
Stir-fry pots of ethnic minority people are also added with corn, vegetables and spices such as ginger, cardamom, tangerines, aniseed leaves, lemon leaves. There are about 12 traditional spices, including cardamom, aniseed, cinnamon, citronella, ginger, and other special spices of the upland ethnic group. All are sautéed for hours soaked in spices. When eating, people can enjoy a little chili, pepper or salt.
The winning pots at the highland markets are often large enough for a few dozen people to eat. The winning bowl is pulled out to serve diners from the large wave of lean meat, grease and grease.
Many people can not eat the victory of Sapa, because they think the small intestines are still white class, but when eaten then become addicted to try. Addicted to foul smelling but bitter taste of that dish, an excellent afternoons of highland cuisine.
Enjoy the victory of Sapa, you can eat together with corn flakes, grilled tortillas and special, do not ignore Bac Ha corn wine or San Lung wine, warm wine, fragrant, crystallized from the essence of the mountains . In the cold air of Sapa, diners will have just washed in front of the hot pot luck and enjoy the national flavor, while enjoying the tongue tongue of the highland wine to see more love this mountainous Northwest forests romantic. .
Thang Sapa bùi now on the plain, where restaurants, pubs. However, Thang was too clean, leaving many things in the internal organs of the horse. The parts of the small intestine, colon, heart, throat, lungs … are removed. Strictly speaking, winning the sweet spot is sweet, not as bitter taste on Sapa. Those who gourmet, when enjoying this underwater win, are missing a wonderful afternoons of highland cuisine.
The food of each region often bold features, identity of the indigenous people. The winner of the Sapa, it is like the warm, hospitable people of the mountainous Sa Pa and leave the impression hardly fade in the heart of every visitor when they set foot in this land.