Next to the center of Tam Coc – Bich Dong tourist resort is the village of Van Lam embroidery village (Ninh Hai – Hoa Lu). Not know embroidery village has ever since, but according to people, the embroidery profession appeared in Van Lam thousands of years ago. It is said that under the Tran Dynasty, the king was stationed in this area, and Empress Tran Thi Dung himself had opened embroideries to teach people in the area, and the profession was handed down and developed.
Van Lam is a village of Ninh Hai commune with 1,000 households and 3,000 people, this Traditional Villages in The North now has 100% of households and people doing embroidery. From 7 to 8 year old children, the elderly 70 – 80 years old can hold embroidery. However, the local people in addition to doing embroidery work also produce agriculture and provide services to tourists.
Le Van Thiem, head of Van Lam village, said: Products of the embroidery village have thousands of designs: bed sheets, curtains, towels, dishes, interior decorations … For the Households work alone, they produce products for sale to tourists or open kiosks for sale. For businesses, products are mainly exported through contracts signed with foreign partners. At present, there are 7 enterprises engaged in embroidery. Enterprises not only open workshops in the locality but also through various forms of cooperation: processing and organizing many production sites in localities inside and outside the district. This direction is not only to ensure the progress, time and quantity of goods for customers but also create jobs for local people in the time of leisure. In 2007, many embroidered enterprises should make a high turnover such as: Pataco enterprise reached over 3 billion VND … For families doing individual goods, income from embroidery industry is about 20,000 VND / person day … Total value from the embroidery industry in the last year of the village is estimated at over 10 billion.