Today is bitter sweet for me. I have been debating on this post and it’s been heavy on my heart since I’ve woke up this morning….. Today makes the second year I’ve got to experience the feeling behind Father’s Day. I may not be in church every time the doors open, and I may not be a lot of things that I should be. However, I love my daughter unconditionally and would kill for her if my back was against the wall. I just want to be somebody she can be proud of, a shoulder to lean on, and have the shirt tail to wipe her tears away when some dumb boy like myself breaks her heart. I have a few men that has been there for me throughout my life that built the foundation of the man I am today. I generally don’t post very many sappy post, nor do I look for one in return because social media is about like entertainment this day and time. A post, picture, or share doesn’t truly show who the person is behind that keyboard… However, I want to say Happy Fathers Day to Newell Michael McClelland (Lil Mike) , haven’t talked to ya but I figured you would see it on Facebook. But there are two more men that has had just as much effect in my life. I want to wish Ricky Peacock an Happy Father’s Day, not only was you a tough enough man to put up with my crazy mother but you also accepted the responsibility of me and Carlee Mcclelland also blessed(cursed) us with my little big brother Colton Peacock . You not only accepted it, but you taught me how to hunt, fish, coached me whenever you could and was always there for me even when you didn’t have to, I thank you for that.. Last but defiantly not least, I would like to publicly wish the man that everyone knows I’ve looked up to since a young age Mike Rhonda McClelland. Papa, yeah he might have taught me a few cuss words, how to throw a fit, or how to never take crap off of nobody. All of that doesn’t hold a candle to the time spent in the woods just to catch a stinking boar hog, the thousand of miles across the United States chasing a rodeo, the fishing trips (even if I was miserable when the fish wasn’t biting), how to turn a wrench the right way (if the bolt is upside down, you still have to turn it the same way dummy) *In my best Big Mike voice, but what you taught me the most is that a man only has is his word and the two feet he stands on nothing in life is giving to you. You beat my butt when It needed it, and we have fought like cats and dogs but you promised me one thing. You promised me that you would never give up on me, and you haven’t. I appreciate that, I love you for it and can ever repay you for all you’ve done for me.