To everyone who has supported our campaign for this cause, many many thanks. We’re at 17% of target, so come on everyone please donate (even £5, £10 would be great). It would mean so much.
To be fair, the Justgiving campaign started late. A close relative passed away suddenly in India so I hopped on the plane and spent a week in Delhi supporting family. I got delhi-belly and spent the next week in bed back home. Not the best preparation, but I’ll do it if I have to crawl to the finish line.
I visited some slums in India when I was there last year and also visited charities that support the education of these children to a better life ‘out of the poverty trap”. Until then I had only seen images of slums on TV but conditions such as 8 people living in one room with a tiny kitchen, open sewars, abject poverty are all real & true. This always strikes me a remarkable in an affluent city like Delhi, but clearly, the wealth is not making it to these poor children
£5 or more has so little value here but would mean so much towards supporting these charities to educate these kids to a better future, so please donate generously