this is the second time i’ve re

this is the second time i’ve re-posted this entry from the summer of 2014. but it bears a third look, i think:
When scientists mapped the human genome, they labored under the assumption that its coding would make sense, once it was properly understood. None of them came at the project believing that the human genome was flawed, and in need of our rewriting or reinterpreting.
When Kepler spent decades making sense of Tycho Brahe’s observational data, he labored under the assumption that the orbits of the planets would make sense, once they were properly understood. He did not suspect that, perhaps, the sky was simply incorrect.
Biblical Research approaches Scripture in this fashion, assuming that once it is properly understood, it will make complete sense.
And it treats Scripture on its own terms, as the divine authority for our lives. What the Book says is good, we call good. What it says is bad, we call bad. In Biblical Research, everything is on the table.
It’s a great way to live, if you don’t mind losing friends now and then.

16 thoughts on “this is the second time i’ve re”

  1. Thanks, Clem! You were on my mind today, and then here you are on FB with the Word in your heart! Thankful for you, brother.

  2. I read your post out loud to my husband just now, Clem. It is very clear and rings true to our ears. We love that God’s Word has the answers to life’s questions.

  3. Hi there. Got a fb message from you today. Was asking if we have ever met. Answer is no, not in person. I’m a believer who loves art and someone suggested a long while back that I should friend you on here. Its been nice to see your beautiful work. Sorry to comment on this thread, but I wasn’t sure if the message was from you or from an account posing as you. That’s happened many times to me before. Have a great evening!

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