The things our kids say or do when they’re little never cease to amaze me. Can you recall the cutest thing any of your kids did or said? I recall our son, MT sitting with the family when he was only three or four, watching television at home in Congo Town. We were watching a poetry reading I had done for the Liberia Broadcasting Corporation sometime in the late 1980s. The reading was prerecorded to air the day or two after the reading, so, we were all excitedly watching as I was introduced and I began reading. In the middle of my reading, MT or Mlen-Too Wesley II began to cry, holding on to my hand, “Mommie, can you please come home now? Mommie, please come home,” and everybody burst out laughing as I tried to console him. “MT, I’m right here, baby, I’m here,” but he was hysterical, “Mommie, come home, please.” I lifted him up and set him on my lap, wiping his face. The dangers of being a working Mom, I guess.