The other day I posted about how so many of us wait around until conditions are perfect before we start. It’s the “getting ready to get ready” mindset. It must have hit a nerve because I heard from a lot of you about how it resonated. How you feel stuck just waiting for…kids to be out of school, until you have more money, until you get back from vacation… I get it. That was me. Especially when it came to feeling and looking my best.
In fact, when I finally decided I couldn’t wait any longer, when I sort of hit “rock bottom”, I was in the worst possible scenario to get started! We were displaced from our home (because our town was literally under water), living in an unfurnished apartment paying rent AND a mortgage on a house we couldn’t live in. Money was tight. Every minute of the day was spent basically surviving and making sure the kids were healthy and happy. I could barely hold it together. And it showed up on and in my body. And then I found a lifeline in my friend Staci Shapiro Friedman. She said “I can help you.” And she did. Here is how she tackled my excuses one at a time:
“I have absolutely no time to get to the gym.”
She introduced me to Carol Elizabeth and her at-home workout programs
“I don’t have a kitchen so I can’t prep my food.”
She introduced me to a company that would deliver my meals to my door
“I am really concerned about the ingredients of what I eat but I don’t have a dietician to help me”
She shared with me the studies from over 50 scientists who did the work for me
“I have zero money to try something new right now”
She showed me how I could get it all for free
That was 3.5 years ago. And I’ve never looked back. Now I show people how to do exactly what Staci showed me. Our tribe helps people eliminate the excuses.
Is today the day we can help you eliminate yours?