The Art, Craft and Science of Preaching and Teaching God’s Word #25: A teaching’s introduction should be more than just a sterile explanation of what you intend to prove and how you intend to prove it. It should be visceral, it should sell your teaching to the listeners. It should be preached, not taught. It’s your explanation of why the next twenty minutes of your audience’s lives are absolutely crucial to their destinies. It should be planned with great care, and delivered with all the aplomb you can muster. It is the frame which you are using to display truths of eternal value.
“If you’re not interested in your life changing, forever and for the better, then you might as well leave now, because we’re not screwing around. Virtually every problem you’ve ever had in your life can be traced back to your ignorance of what I am about to show you in Hosea 4.6…”