The Art, Craft and Science of Preaching and Teaching God’s Word #24: A cursory survey of the great orations recorded in the book of Acts reveals that the majority of them were done before an unfriendly audience. The first recorded teaching in the Church administration, Peter’s speech at Pentecost, was an answer to an accusation of drunkenness. Yet out of this nasty crowd, 3,000 people believe Peter’s words. Peter and John before the Sanhedrin, Stephen before the same group, Paul at Athens, at Lystra, before Agrippa, before the Judean elders at Rome: all masterpieces of preaching and teaching, all of them before an angry crowd, and all of them producing godly fruit.
In his earthly ministry, Jesus Christ demonstrated how to clobber the logic of intellectuals, charlatans, gainsayers, and high-ranked hecklers. And John 14.12 still says that we can do the works he did, and greater.
Wanna learn how to lovingly deal with an ugly audience? Try spending an afternoon knocking on doors.