The Art, Craft and Science of Preaching and Teaching God’s Word #23: If the introduction to a teaching is likened to escorting the audience to the mountaintop, where they will encounter the truth which will deliver them, the conclusion is your ushering them back down into the valley of human need. Like the intro, the conclusion is best executed with preaching. The conclusion isn’t the time to show them the Biblical documentation for your topic; you already did that in the body of your teaching. Your conclusion, which ought to be as gargantuan in its claims as your introduction was, closes the gap between the vision you’ve set and your listeners’ ability to act on it. “Yeah, I know this has just blown your mind. Mine too. So let’s all of us shove it up the Devil’s nose this week, bringing deliverance to anybody fortunate enough to be within earshot. Okay?”
If you’ve done it right, there are only two possible answers: Either “Okay!” or, “These people are fruitcakes.”