ten years ago

ten years ago, i ran over a canvas-in-progress with my truck, a copy of Sargent’s “Two Girls Fishing”. yesterday, i tried to outdo myself, by accidentally leaving my canvas at the site of my picture, and then discovering that some idiot deliberately ran over it with his ATV. well, i guess it was deliberate. judging from the tire tracks, he veered straight into the canvas, which was fortunately image side down. i guess that means that when i finish the picture, i’ll have to restretch it. in the meantime, the canvas doesn’t have the drum-like bounce it had before, but it’s still pretty usable. hell, i’ve seen Carl Samson paint on pieces of linen clipped to a board.

6 thoughts on “ten years ago”

  1. Guess I didn’t read the fine print. But if you had painted the illusion of a large hole on the back, this could all have been avoided.

    1. that Sargent copy i drove over in 2007 still has the tire tracks on it. hopefully, this one will also retain its patina.

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