Hi all, I’m looking for an opportunity to contribute part-time to a news publication or a professional blog with a wide readership. I’ve begun writing a regular tech column and I’m now looking for a home for it. My goal is to do “explanatory journalism,” as NYT columnist Tom Friedman termed it in his latest book. So, putting current tech products and trends into context, and extrapolating what’s next and where society is heading. A current role model for the type of writing I’m looking to do is Farhad Manjoo from the NYT, whose regular tech columns I very much admire.
My background, in case you weren’t aware: I founded the tech blog ReadWrite in 2003 and built it up into one of the top 10 professional blogs in the world at its peak. During that time, I developed a reputation for articulating what’s next in technology and what it means for society. ReadWrite(Web) was syndicated to the New York Times website for a couple of years from 2008. I sold the business to SAY Media at the end of 2011 and left the site in Oct 2012. Since then I’ve written two books.
If there is a news org out there interested in a weekly (or more) tech column from me, or an established pro blog keen on the same type of content, then send me an email and let’s talk: