So I wake up

So I wake up, can’t get back to sleep, decide to check the news…then I REALLY can’t get back to sleep.
Then I see this newsbit about Australian journalist Natasha Exelby, who was caught daydreaming when the camera went live (pic is the instant she realized she was on the air – oops!). But who can’t relate to a moment like this? I feel solidarity with Natasha 🙂
(Reading more about her, I learned she’s written moving pieces about refugees, World Rhino Day, and conducted interviews with people like Brigadier General Mark Kimmit, others). Her Twitter handle: @NatashaExelby

2 thoughts on “So I wake up”

    1. Me, too. I read the other day that people who talk to themselves while doing tasks are more productive. Who knows if that’s true, but I’ll buy it 🙂

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