So, where do we go from here? I watch Islamic State carry out their atrocities on people who don’t deserve it. I remember how the greed of those in the U. S. The British Empire, The Spanish, French and Portuguese Empires have done what they have done . Colonialism throughout history has destroyed so many lives.
When the Moslem guy upstairs from me wakes me up at 5am. to ask me if I’ve got some milk to pour on his kids cornflakes I call him all sorts of names. When I drop up to ask him if he has a corkscrew so I can open a bottle of wine he asks me if I am taking the piss. But I know that if I tell him I will be away for a couple of days and ask him to keep an eye on my flat, he will do it. And I will feel safe, knowing he, his, wife and his kids, will do that.
It is the way we should be able to live. Ordinary people, looking after each other. The people we look to as leaders will never do it for us. They have their own agenda.
Understand that they left a real mess behind them and we are still paying for it. But now, they are gone and we need to change it. Now, it is the greed of those idiots in suits with their millions in the bank we need to fight. It is worth it. We will win.
. Please don’t ever lose the heart and soul of being young.