For those of you feeling a bit off your “A game,” maybe from summer BBQ’s, beach or camping trips or just having fun with the kids being home, give me ✌️ weeks. Imagine dropping 1-10″ off the waist line in just 14 short days?!
What’s the BEDTIME BELLY BUSTER? The name says it all…..
Drop belly fat
Support muscle recovery
Minimize bloating
Rev up your metabolism while you have the most restful sleep
Delicious bedtime snack
Seriously!! There is SCIENCE behind what our body does with high quality protein while we have restful sleep. Imagine what it will do for you…
☀️ What you need to do ☀️
Be willing to grab a few products (3-4) researched to work synergistically and then commit to taking this simply delicious concoction >>every night<< before bed. You will get a plugged in our awesome Intention Society community of support via our FB group which includes recipes, belly blasting fitness tips and motivation! Ready to flatten your belly, get your pants buttoned, & go into the 2nd half of summer more confident ?!? Comment ⤵️ with your favorite summer emoji or PM me I'll get you the info!!