Salam Alakum & Ramadan Mubarak,
We have a campaign to start an International DAWAH CENTER with an aim to fulfill our obligatory duty of Dawah to the world and invite people to a better understanding of Islam that will Inshallah result in a more knowledgeable, tolerant and peaceful international community. It will also be the new hub for our broadcasting efforts globally.
You can help support this WONDERFUL PROJECT and be a part of our efforts to share Islam with the world and participate in the most lucrative sadaqa jariya (continuous charity) opportunity you are ever likely to see, EVER!
Your donations will aid the broadcasting of Islam to over 136 Countries worldwide! And radio campaigns in Africa and Asia where radio is the most popular source of media. Each time someone learns & practices or shares any of the information broadcast you will be rewarded! insh’allah! (See image for more information on types of Sadaqa Jariyah)
You can donate here at our website: or by calling 0208 330 1744