Religions truly Dilute and Cripple the Spiritual Experience of Mankind. How can you have a Spiritual experience existing in Fear of God? A Spiritual experience is a connection to all things through love, not divided in separation through fear. As soon as you begin to think for yourself, your program makes you feel guilty then fearful. This is not God. Bottom line is what I say is not popular in this era, But your Kids are gonna Love it 😉 Each generation being born will have less need for the archaic principles of religion. They will find all the spirituality that you can find in those archaic books of bondage and more, without even using them. As long as Religion is on this planet there will always be war. Until we have a one world understanding of the spiritual experience without the rigid dogma of fear that religion provides this planet will always be locked in division, guilt and fear with itself. This also goes for all the new age spin off religions that hold onto the old ways just to try to control the consciousness they know they will lose in the future. I wasn’t born to be popular, I was born to tell the truth. 😉 #AREA1358 #IAMPOWERFUL