Do you know what my favorite part of my 

Pu Luong Vietnam with  Vietnam Decouverte is?! The FREEDOM. I am my boss. I am in charge of my hours. I work when I want to, I don’t have to when I don’t want to, I get to unplug when I want to, I get to take my kids to the park whenever I feel like it, I can start my day at whatever time I feel like it, take breaks when I want to, take off anytime without having to ask for anyone’s permission or two cents. I can work dressed to the nines or in my pajamas, I can literally work from anywhere and EVERYWHERE. Owning your own time takes discipline but it is liberating.
It’s crazy to me that people are so skeptical of making money from their phones, but don’t think twice about the fact that you can literally find a wife on an app, creep on someone’s house on Google Earth, run a background check, or order food from a delivery service right from the palm of our hands.
Mobility is the future, y’all! I can’t tell you the last time I actually went to a bank, I do way more online shopping than anything else, and I just signed a tax return online. ‍♀️ #CONVENIENCE
I’m ready to help 5 more folks start their work from phone adventure and earn $500-$1,000+ before the holidays!!!! If you’re needing or wanting some breathing room before Christmas. Drop an emoji below, or message me if you prefer privacy. I can’t promise you’ll love it the way I do, and if you don’t– you can walk away, no strings attached. BUT WHAT IF YOUR LIFE CHANGES THE WAY MINE HAS?

U.S. politicians have been satirized on television since, well, the invention of television. Before that, radio. Before that… Anyone know those old political cartoons of Geo. Wash.?
Even stodgy, crooked Tricky Dick Nixon went on "Laugh-in" during his presidency, and humorously mangled the catchphrase, "Sock it to me."
Even our most hated Presidents have had moments when they showed their human selves and a capacity for self-deprecating humor.
Needless to say, we now have a buffoon-in-chief elect, who not only has no sense of humor about himself, but who attacks those he perceives to be mocking him. In power. he will no doubt sue them, ban them, ridicule them, or shut them down. (That did eventually happen to "Laugh-In", with their vociferous satires against the 

Pu Luong Vietnam)
Bullies are always the first to cry when the tables are turned.