I mean if you needed more than one reason ♀️
1. Your Business Kit is a tax write off for 2017!!
2. Give R+F gifts, either from your business kit or use your Consultant discount, they’re also a tax write off for 2017!
3. Get a pay check before and after the 

Pu Luong Ecolodge tour 

http://puluongvietnam.com/pu-luong-retreat-tour/ to help with expenses.
4. The SPARK Program is happening now! Earn $1,000+ BONUS in addition to your pay checks in your first 3 months.
5. Holiday parties! The PERFECT time start growing your business! You’ll see friends and family, out of town guests, and meet new people. Let everyone know about your new business.
6. Bright Eye Complex! Everyone needs the Bright Eye Complex before they over indulge with holiday festivities!
7. Global expansion and new products! R+F recently expanded to Australia and launched 3 new products, there is huge momentum to start your business.
8. Give yourself the GIFT of great skin! Start now and you’ll get your glow and lashes to start the New Year!
9. Give yourself the GIFT of residual income! It’s the gift that keeps on giving! What would an extra $xxx or $x,xxx or $xx,xxx a month do for your family? This company can be a 3-5 year retirement plan if you put the work in!
10. I have a $50 – $150 CASH BACK offer for you!