People who were kids in Britain when I was a kid in Britain may remember, from visits to the seaside, those coin-operated telescopes you used to find at places with views. You’d shove in your sixpence, peer through the lens, adjust the focus, adjust the magnification, pan dizzyingly across the landscape or seascape till you found exactly what you wanted to look at, and just as it was coming into view, CLUNK, everything would go black, and you would have to let the thing return to rest while you fumbled for another sixpence. I gave up on them. There weren’t enough sixpences in the world to waste.
My iPad? Does that. I find an article I want to read, and before I get more than a paragraph in it goes black, or crashes to wallpaper, and when I get it working again, article gorn. It does it in Safari and in Firefox, and I wish someone could tell me how to fix it, because it’s very annoying.