Pu Luong Vietnam

Do you know what my favorite part of my Pu Luong Vietnam with  Vietnam Decouverte is?! The FREEDOM. I am my boss. I am in charge of my hours. I work when I want to, I don't have to when I don't want to, I get to unplug when I want to, I get to take my kids to the park whenever I feel like it, I can start my day at whatever time I feel like it, take breaks when I want to, take off anytime without having to ask for anyone's permission or two cents. I can wor

UPDATE: The March for Racial Justice is making things right

UPDATE: The March for Racial Justice is making things right. See link at bottom. I am deeply disappointed that the March for Racial Justice is scheduled for the high holy day of Yom Kippur on September 30. After Charlottesville, it is especially important that Jews be able to protest the resurgence of American Nazis and the KKK. If you haven't watched the VICE special yet, please do. It makes clear that the new white supremacists will focus their animus o

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A few months before, a colleague teaching a Southern fiction class had left a copy of Eudora Welty’s “No Place for You, My Love” near my desk. Though I was supposed to be prepping for my own class, I couldn’t help but pick it up. It’s one of my all-time favorite stories, about a couple, strangers to each other and to the city, who meet at a luncheon in the French Quarter and then inexplicably drive for hours in a rented car in fierce heat down to Venice, w

Enterprise in Aberdeen review

So I am in North Carolina visiting Courtney and went to Enterprise car rental in Aberdeen to rent a car for the day and the manager there was very arrogant and cocky and would not answer the simple question of how much is a rental. He was more interested in answering the phone and leaving us standing there and then other saleswoman was just standing there and another couple came in and she waited on them instead of us. We decided to leave . This is the sec

Mekong Delta Stories

  After a round of exploration, take you back to the landing and move to the next journey. Fried to take you gliding on the path between the melaleuca forests to the next stop. Here you can go to observatory panoramic view of Tra Su forest, walk on the land between forest Melaleuca hunt beautiful photos, hear  Mekong Delta Stories and taking pictures of the bridge across the canal. Then to the restaurant area between the wild nature is arranged small cl

Uber’s Bark to School Party!

It's time for Bechtle Avenue Uber's Bark to School Party! Thursday September 28th from 7-8PM. Earn a raffle ticket for a basket of goodies for your dog by enrolling in a pet training class or winning a ticket in our games of skill. Please let us know if you are attending by Wednesday the 27th! Only friendly dogs please and rules for safety are no retractable leashes and only one dog per pet parent please. Photo booth photos are free and are sent via E-mai

Pu Luong Vietnam

U.S. politicians have been satirized on television since, well, the invention of television. Before that, radio. Before that... Anyone know those old political cartoons of Geo. Wash.? Even stodgy, crooked Tricky Dick Nixon went on "Laugh-in" during his presidency, and humorously mangled the catchphrase, "Sock it to me." Even our most hated Presidents have had moments when they showed their human selves and a capacity for self-deprecat...

Pina de Tirana Peu

Pina de Tirana Peu est un roman coup de poing ou l'envers du décor de carte postale de Tahiti, la fureur de vivre made in Polynésie, la rage ou le cri de cœur d'une Tahiti méconnue, silencieuse et souffrante. Tout d'abord, je tiens à dire que je ne cherche pas à jouer le rabat-joie de service ou le rôle du mauvais garçon. Quand j'ai lu la 4ème couverture du livre, j'ai immédiatement voulu en savoir plus et me faire ma propre idée. J'ai découvert d

@harrahsresort on the rooftop with some friends

@harrahsresort on the rooftop with some friends. I went with a more edgy look and wear. You can pair it with sneakers or heels like I did. I felt like the Queen of the night ! #theduchessofbayridge #edgywear #fashion #fashionista #fashionstatement #fashionist

When I was 21 I felt compelled to leave home and travel west to see what I might discover

When I was 21 I felt compelled to leave home and travel west to see what I might discover. Financially it ruined me. 9/11 happened as I was driving and every opportunity for work dried up on the spot. I was sleeping on couches for weeks hoping something would pan out... then one day I get a call from a recruiter asking me if I was willing to move to Fort McMurray, AB. In a two year period I grew as a leader. The people I worked with were on another lev...