Okay, I’ve got a really strange question to ask: Are “sneakerheads” a thing here in the US? As some of you may know, I talk regularly with Thanh’s sister’s grandkids in Vietnam to help them polish their English. Lately, it seems that the older boys – in their teens – have all become sneakerheads. What that means is that they are obsessed with sneakers. They refer to themselves as part of “the sneaker community”. When they get together with their friends, they spend their time talking about sneakers. They know the history of every brand and line of sneakers, of what’s hot right now, of what’s been announced as a new line, of when the release dates are, of what’s selling for how much and where, of how to tell a genuine sneaker from a cheap knock-off, and so on. They look to trade-up, i.e. sell off their current sneakers and use the money towards buying a better or more popular or more current brand or line. So I’m wondering if there’s anything like this sub-culture here in the US? Has anyone here in the US with friends or relatives in that demographic come across this? Just curious.
PS – To put this in perspective with regard to this phenomenon in Vietnam, spending $200 on a pair of sneakers in the US is merely expensive. In Vietnam, $200 is between a third and a half of what most Vietnamese people make in a _month_.