Okay, the burning issue of the day is…. Shoes! Where can I find a decent brand of walking shoe that won’t wear out on me three months after I start wearing them? I’ve been wearing Rockport Prowalkers for years, but the quality of the shoe has been steadily dropping. A pair used to last me for a couple of years. Then they started only lasting a year. Then six months. My latest pair, which I started wearing in April, have worn out after only 3 months. Three fucking months! The wear on the heels started appearing within a couple of weeks, and now the left heel is so worn down that there’s over half-an-inch difference between one side and the other! I can’t wear them anymore because they now hurt my feet to walk in them.
I’ve been looking around but this seems to be an all too common problem lately: lots of customers complaining that their shoes just don’t last anymore because the heels and soles wear down so quickly. Even shoes that promote themselves as “Made in the USA” are having this problem because the materials used to make them are imported. Can anyone out there recommend a good walking shoe that will last? If so, please share.