Never allow anyone to look down on you in life. Any one that can’t add value to your life can never take any value off your life. Being a single mum doesn’t remove any value from your life. Remember, a failed marriage doesn’t mean a failed life. Problems only starts when you keep making the same mistakes all the time. Every first mistake in a relationship is experience. The second one is a lesson, but when mistake turns to habit, it becomes a destiny. Every woman must know that marriage is a deep ocean that has carried many away. Never put both legs to test the depth of matrimonial waters of life. Fall in love but not without your brain.
Most women are stuck in a miserable relationship. Whoever wants to re-marry should think very well with her choice of man. A man that cant get it right after many divorces may never get it right in life. If he abandons another woman to be with you means he may abandon you for another woman when your time is up. A man that feels like he is doing you a favor by dating you will treat you like trash when you get married to him. There’s absolutely nothing wrong in moving on after a divorce or a relationship break up. But be very careful when moving on most especially when there are kids involved. Never move on at the expense of the your kids happiness and freedom. A MAN WHO DOESN’T ACCEPT AND LOVE YOUR KIDS IS NEVER IN LOVE WITH YOU. You’re a complete package. Any man who cannot take you as a whole doesn’t deserve any part of you. Be very honest with yourself if you truly want happiness in life. Never start a new relationship until you fully understand why the last one failed. Stop blaming men for your own mistakes. Fix what needs to be fixed in you before you start looking for another man. If you date 6 men in one year and they are all bad means you have to check yourself. Sometimes who you are determines what you get. Stop blaming the mirror without washing your face. Stop doing the same thing every time and expect a different result.
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