Mom’s! Answer the questions about your FIRST born. The one who made you a Mom!
1. Epidural? Nothing !!!!
2. Father in the room? Had him on his lap just about. Lol
3. Induced? Nope
4. Know sex beforehand? Yes
5. Due date? Sept 12, 1985
6. Birth date: Sept. 17, 1985
7. Morning sickness? No, but I couldn’t eat got a stomach virus and was hospitalized for 5 days.
8. Food Cravings? Banana cream pie.
9. Pounds gained? Maybe 17…size 5 when I left the hospital.
10. Sex of the baby? Boy
11. Place you gave birth? Malden Hospital
12. Hours in labor? It was nothing, I went shopping. Then had a pain party. lol took a shower, did my hair and make up. Lmao
13. Weight: 6 pounds
12 ounces
14. Name: Dominic Anthony
15. Age Now: 32
16. How many kids total
*Come on Mamas ! Especially older ones, see how much you actually remember.
Let’s hear your story! Copy and paste. Change my answers to yours.❤️