I’m talking at my favourite city Bristol (next PIN meeting) – see you there?
Next Wednesday I’m travelling to my favourite city of Bristol. Last time I was the main speaker in Bristol, I gave a talk about “Transformation Vectors for Filmentous Ascomycetes”. Good grief, a science-fiction talk. Close. It was a science talk that I was giving at Bristol University as part of my preparation to defend my Glaxo-funded PhD. I defended my PhD thesis successfully.
The talk on Wednesday is very different you’ll be glad to hear. I’m speaking at the Bristol PIN property meeting with a talk titled “The Miracle of Property – Financial Freedom & Beyond”.
Like the Property Mastermind Program, which is celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year, I am also celebrating 10 years of being a professional property investor as I started Mastermind in 2007.
Its not been an easy journey with many, many years of hard work “doing property” whilst both me and my wife grappled with full time jobs and 3 kids. But when the hard times came (both had redundancies a few years ago), we were able to choose to move into property full time having put the graft in earlier.
So has property been a miracle? Yes. There are lots of definitions of the word “miracle” so it don’t want it to overplay it – but the one the applies most aptly to our journey/situation is : A remarkable event or development that brings very welcome consequences
If you can make it to the Bristol PIN, I’d love to meet you & share how we achieved financial security (Hint: I am a disciple of Robert Kiyosaki, so the financial freedom/security achieved is all via asset-based income)