I was the third of four girls and it was my whole intent in my young life to get out of as much work as I could. Being I was a daddy’s girl and a tomboy, I felt that house work was beneath me and it just sucked in general so why would anyone willingly without much duress do it! I learned very quickly that if I could get out of the house and be off on my horse before anyone needed me I didn’t have to do any work! And, there were no cell phones back then so as long as I couldn’t be seen, I was golden!
Unfortunately in Southeastern Idaho it is not possible to always be gone outside as in the winter it was brutally cold and no one in their right mind wanted to hide out in that. So during those long, cold winter months I would get sucked into having to do housework because I was easily found. Our dryer was down in the basement and mom would always ask one of us girls to switch out the laundry and you all know how dreadful it is for a child to do any simple task like walking down some stairs and starting a dryer!
Being true to selfish desires and laziness one never jumped up and did what one was asked right away. If you waited long enough maybe mom would forget or maybe she would ask one of your sisters! Mom would ask several times and I would do everything I could do but what she had asked and then finally she would say in her most saddest voice, “Never mind, I will just do it myself.” She would say this and bend over slowly and pick up the basket with downcast eyes and the guilt and shame would rise and I would always jump right up and grab the basket and do what I had been asked!
My mom was a master manipulator to get what she wanted done by using our emotions and guilt against us. Not that she should have had to but one does what one has to do to get the job done! It is what all we moms do! I do it with my own kids although I must not look sad enough because they don’t respond as well as I remember responding to the manipulation played by my mom.
We are programmed to respond to being manipulated through our emotions from an early age and we allow the media and people in our lives to continue to do it to us long after we are grown! You see the sad video of the person on the street getting ignored and you don’t even realize that the one making the set up video is manipulating you and your emotions! You see the headline of some online news story and it stirs your emotions and you are manipulated into believing what is written even though it is probably a complete lie!
When someone wants something from us most often they manipulate our emotions by using stories or looking pitiful as a way to stir us into doing what they want! It is why everyone feels so sorry for animals because they can look very pitiful and it stirs within your brain chemicals that make you want to do something! When my mom looked sad it caused release of chemicals that made me want to make her not sad which meant doing what she had asked me to do.
We all manipulate people in our lives! You share a post on Facebook and you doctor it up just enough to make the reader have an emotional surge and you get more comments and likes and it feeds your brain the feel good stuff! You read a story and it is written in such a way as to invoke emotions in you and you are manipulated into believing it is true and you take action according to those emotions all the while you are being played!
Why is it that we allow ourselves to be so easily manipulated? Why is it that we allow ourselves to get sucked in by our emotional response? Why is it that we fail to realize that we are being manipulated for someone else’s benefit?! When you get all upset over something you read or see on your computer or TV, you are just being a pawn in the hands of someone else!
We think we have been empowered when in reality we are just being played! No one trusts anyone and we are weak and unproductive because of it! Take control of your emotions and your life and stop allowing yourself to be manipulated and stop using manipulation to get what you want! When you jump on the bandwagon of the media train of manipulation you just allow someone else control over your life! Who wants that?!
We have all become sheep being controlled by our emotions as we are moved from the pen to the slaughter house by the media! They have manipulated us through our emotions and moved our nation to where no one will stand for fear of upsetting the preverbal boat! Is that really who you want to be? Just a sheep blindly being pushed ahead by someone else agenda? When will we stop? When will we stand up and stop allowing ourselves to be manipulated? When will we take back control of our lives and our emotions?
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