I was Live on a FB group today and the I was asked for my one golden nugget of advice for getting noticed online.
Well I have lots …… 🙂
But here’s the one that most realise they need to do, but never will.
Take a Stand.
It might be nice to please everyone by fence sitting, but it’s also boring and beige.
Neither of that will get you noticed.
Take a stand on something.
Something that annoys you within your industry. Your niche. Your market.
Something that you feel could be done differently, or in a better way.
Have an opinion …. on something.
I’m not meaning being pushy and arrogant about it.
Just take a stand on something you’re passionate about.
You’ll repel some, and then on the other hand, you’ll draw some. These will be the people who think you’re talking their language. They’ll become fans and followers.