I saw the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOLUME 2 last night and first I’ll report that GotG 2 is a rousing and fun adventure movie, basically it’s Pirates of the Caribbean in space with the space pirates being the Ravagers who will do anything for a price and our intrepid anti-heroes who will do anything for a buck but they are more fun and they have a cute baby Groot to wow the kiddies and charm the ladies.
My only objection to the movie is the use ad hoc of creations by writer, artist Jack Kirby who was the real mastermind behind the Marvel universe. The character, Ego, the Living Planet, was one such creation Kirby used in issues of Thor and one of the after credits skits shows they will be using another Kirby creation in the next GotG movie. What made it worse was the overuse of the ancient Stan Lee in a non sequitur cameo and as an after credits entry where he is telling ancient beings called The Watchers that he has lots more tales to tell, once again embedding in the minds of millions who don’t know any better the myth and lie that Lee created the entire Marvel Universe. You do see in the end credits a host of people who created the various characters in the movie but who reads the small print when you have Lee’s constant self promotion stating that he created everything?
Those not versed in the various comic books or history of comic books will say who cares? Well, those of us who appreciate the very real and awesome contributions of Jack Kirby do care and should speak up though we are voices in the wilderness as Marvel and Disney make a billion dollars off what a little genius named Jack Kirby created just like the architect Howard Roark in the book and movie The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand.