I love this woman

I love this woman. One of the most straight-up, smart, talented people I’ve ever had the privilege to know. I’m going to tell a story about you, Merline, that turned a dark moment in this writer’s life into a golden one.
Years ago as a newbie author, I got a HIDEOUS review & the lowest score possible (1) in a well-known magazine for my 3rd book. The review came out the week before I left for a national writers conference. Now I take bad reviews with a dash of salt—but then, I was destroyed. Plus I’d just lost my editor (promoted to management) & had recently gone through a divorce.
At the conference I stayed holed up in my room, unable to face anyone. Then I saw a workshop about “overcoming bad reviews” and decided to go. It was in an auditorium packed with hundreds of people. At one point the speaker asked, “Anybody have a bad review story to tell?”
Without thinking, I stood and tearily described the “1” review, & how I’d consumed so many M&Ms I had the shakes. The room grew so quiet, I figured I’d made a fool of myself, time to slink back to my room.
Then a woman stood, said she’d also gotten a “1” review in the past, that reviews were subjective, and what was my name & the book title because after the workshop she was buying it. That woman was Air Force officer (toured in Vietnam, Taiwan, & the Pentagon) & USA Today Bestselling Author Merline Lovelace. Was I gobsmacked? YES.
Then other writers stood & shared “1” review stories. It was like that scene in “Spartacus” where one by one the slaves stand, each saying “I’m Spartacus” – LOL! My inner-loser writer turned into a Victorious Member of the 1 Club. The book I wrote next final’d for a RITA.
Here’s Merline’s Amazon author page: https://www.amazon.com/Merline-Lovelace/e/B000APVXHO
Go buy bunches of her books <3

5 thoughts on “I love this woman”

  1. I’m a member of the one star review club, too. After seeing Merline’s hat and hearing your story, I’m calling myself a full-fledged General, having received one star to five star reviews, all on the same book. 😉

  2. Colleen – oh, you sweetie! It took such courage for you to stand up and bare your hurt. How could I NOT back you up and buy your book!!! And you’ve done soooooo well since then. I’ve loved your Temptations. Haven’t read the PI books yet but I have Mistletoe and Murder in my iPad TBR folder.

    1. <3 Hope you got the correct version of Mistletoe & Murder - there was a download snafu at Amazon - an old draft was downloaded on release day. If it reads like an old draft, let me know & I'll gift you the correct version.

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