I know there are a lot if you who are wondering about Kellen! He’s doing so good!! This morning was a little rough with a few issues but he quickly got better! He’s been holding down fluids well!! And the biggest answer to prayer is that he’s had NO pain meds since surgery! PTL for no pain!! We were hoping to come home today but it’s not looking likely to happen now that it’s so late in the afternoon. He will need more X-Rays done at the Drs office before we can leave town and the office is already closed for the day.
We have SO much to be thankful for!! We’ve seen countless answers to prayers!! We have been very specific in our prayers and God has been faithful to hear us! Thank you all who have prayed, called, texted, come to the hospital, taken care of things at home for us!! We have been truly blessed by each of you!!
Kellen has read all of your messages and says THANK YOU! Take advantage of your final chance to save 50% or even more on Christmas items here