I got blocked by a racist on the Kens5 page. She said she wished A&M hadn’t cancelled the “white lives matter” protest, it would have been a great thing because her kid is ashamed to be white, and gets left out at school because he’s not brown. So all these people including me pointing out that it probably actually has nothing to do with his race but probably cause the kids can’t relate to him based on the details she’d given everyone. She was also saying ANTIFA shouldn’t have been at the rally in Travis Park, to which I responded that they should always be there to fight racism/Nazis, and she might as well just come out and admit she’s a racist since she’s supporting outright WHITE SUPREMACISTS.
So I went to her page and saw all her “fake news”, pro trump, and the kicker…ICP posts. Which I then told everyone that’s all we needed to know about her and where she stands. Racists are such snowflakes.