I am NOT one to convince you that this business is a good fit for you.. It might be and it just might not be… but check out these FACTS!!
The Simple Facts!
1. By 2020, premium skincare is projected to be a $131 billion dollar industry globally. Currently, it is a $3.9 billion dollar industry…. we are all aging ALL the time!
2. Rodan + Fields has been the fastest growing premium skincare company for the PAST FIVE YEARS. We were also responsible for 97% of the growth in the premium skincare industry LAST YEAR ALONE. (yes.. just 2015 alone)
3. That growth has happened while we have only been available in the US and Canada. We are launching in Australia soon and are projected to launch into a new country EACH YEAR for years and years to come. (remember Proactiv… it’s in 180 countries worldwide!!)
4. 60-70% of our sales comes from our CUSTOMERS, not recruiting. This is an ethical integrity driven direct sales company–remember, direct sales companies are NOT ALL CREATED EQUAL. Do your research and find one that proves to stand the test of time!
5. We are NUMBER ONE in premium anti-aging & acne brands. Why? Because our products work. We are reputable. We are clinically tested and proven.
So there ya have it friends…. #lifechanging #truth for all my facts people