GOOD NEWS — Susan and the kids are driving back to Georgia this Wednesday. Our long national nightmare is almost at an end. If you are praying for us, some things to keep in mind:
Safe trip, of course.
Susan is applying for a job at the Department of Justice based in Macon. She would be working as an attorney for the first time after taking several years off to raise kids, etc. So she is a bit scared. It would primarily involve research and writing, which IS what she taught as an adjunct professor at Georgia College for several years. But she still feels scared. She really preferred this job opportunity in Florida that was well within her comfort zone and that served cake each Friday. So please pray about that. Frankly, if she got this Dept. of Justice job, she could afford to do some of the things in life — travel, own a house with more than one bathroom, maybe even buy a waterpik — that she would really like.
Also, Sarah, who stayed in Georgia with me to help me keep my head screwed on correctly, is a bit worn out with all the back and forth which had her thinking she would be able to stay with her friends in Georgia, then have to say goodbye to them all and go to Florida, then Georgia again, etc. She could use some prayers. But we have had a good time watching South Park together. My Kenny imitation is too nasal.
If we could sell the Explorer for some decent money instead of the auto parts yards offering to “take it off your hands for free,” that would be cool, too.