Fabulous 3.5 week family holiday in Canada. Sad to go but so many laughs and adventures and hugs with people we love. And the Oilers are through the first round of the playoffs so I’m a happy girl. The Moritz clan are all heading home today on 2 separate flights, me after 5 weeks away after I came early to SMMW17 and a presentation for San Diego Tourism. Hubby and kids left 9 hours ago. Sooooo, I’m at Vancouver Airport about to fly out and I see a child’s hoodie on the table at a charging station. Yep… it’s Miss 8’s. Gray … I hope you packed an extra one! At least she didn’t leave one of the 27 species of soft toy that she accumulated… from sea otters to huskies and canadian geese and everything in between. We have lost her diary though. I wonder where that will pop up! #StillPickingUpKidStuffEvenWithoutKids