Dear FB friends, My father, K.Lakshmikumaran, aged 87 years, passed away on 1.9.2016 at about 11.30 AM. Many of my friends, colleagues and relatives spoke, came and sent condolence messages. Me and my family members thank you all for your kind words of consolation. My father was a highly disciplined and systematic man. He used to be absolutely perfect in his routine. But for the last three months, he had been completely on his own, washing his clothes, sweeping and mopping the floors and sometimes cooking, too. Again, excepting the recent illness, seldom have I seen him sick to the best of my memory in the past many many years. A great walker, used to get up even before 4.00 AM daily and finish all his routines on time. Two things about my father, I want to say here: When he tells anybody that he would meet him at such and such time and at such and such place, he would ensure that he is well ahead of the appointed time. Punctuality was his watch word. To a very great extent, he was a Parobakari and would not mind going extra miles when he decides to help. Another great quality, I used to admire in him was that whenever any of his friends write a letter to him, he would instantaneously write reply and personally post the letter in the main post office. Once, on a rainy day, I asked him why he should be in such a hurry and could post the reply after the rain stops. The reply he told was worth noting: “Rain or shine, when someone had addressed us, he would be expecting our reply and it is very, very bad to keep him waiting”. I wish I were so. He was a man who had seen everything in life and had a fairly long innings. I once again thank you all for your words of consolation.