Day 747 of 1001 Days of Faces, Two Hundred and Fifty-Four to Go.
Here are Kim and Scott, who Vesta and I met on the Riverwalk yesterday evening. “We have to do them,” Vesta said, as we saw them coming toward us.”
“She’s his mom, can’t you tell?”
I took a good look at them as they got closer. “Or his sister.”
Vesta nudged me as they got close enough for me to talk to.
And it turns out, Vesta was right, Kim is Scott’s mom. Scott is local, Kim lives in Ohio and she’s visiting her son. So I asked her how come she doesn’t move away from Ohio and just stay in Reno.
“Because I have three sons,” She said, “one in Ohio, one in Phoenix and Scott in Reno. So my plan is to spend four months is each place every year.”
“Four months?” Scott said and we all laughed. But I do think this was the first he heard that mom’s stay might be a little longer than he thought.
Family, if you got a good one, it’s a wonderful thing. Kim’s kids don’t know how lucky they are.