Day 57 of 150 Days of Flowers, Ninety-Three to Go.
Here is a pink Rhododendron. It’s a gorgeous flower which comes in colors, which I learned by googling around. I also learned that it’s been around since the 1600’s, so it’s not a new flower. I also googled around for a poem and there are a lotta poems about this flower, but I like to find ones that mean something more than blank is a pretty flower and it makes me smile cuz it’s so gorgeous and I think I succeeded here with this poem by Barbara Gorelick.
The Redwood Forest
Standing tall, tops in the mist,
Red giants from another time.
Remembering the birth of Christ,
Looking now at modern Man.
The forest floor in muted silence,
Filtered light finds the rhododendron.
God’s original cathedral soars,
A place to find peace and beauty.
Walk awhile with past history,
Place your hand upon the bark.
Look up, almost glimpsing infinity,
Look down, see mans tracks upon the earth.
Forests once tracking vast vistas,
Now a rare and silent treasure.
Man’s greed at last held back.
My home, my heart, my hope.
—Barbara Gorelick