Boy Band on ABC premieres next Thursday June 22, who is going to watch?
Normally this is not my kinda reality show and I never really was into boy bands because I was slightly too young for New Kids on the Block and too old for N’Sync, Backstreet boys, Spice girls etc. I enjoyed a song when I heard it but that was it. I was into the Monkeys… but that is because of Saturday morning reruns haha.
Anyways, the reason I am so excited is because a friend of mine is the writer!! She is writing all the host script and all that other cool Hollywood stuff. She is awesome and hilarious and I really want to support her so I will be live tweeting and recapping/reviewing the show on my youtube channel.
The judges are Baby Spice (Emma Burton), Nick Carter and Timbaland. Rita Ora is the host. My friend says she has been really impressed with all the judges, especially Nick Carter. They are trying really hard to give applicable, excellent advice and feedback.
Anyways, anyone up to watch with me?