Back home from Satpura and already missing the jungle and the pretty 

myanmar itinerary 5 days of no connectivity ( except for a few spurts here and there ) full of jeep safaris, canoe rides and breathtakingly stunning views is all I needed to remember how much I miss being on a safari. I didn’t manage to see any tigers ( another jeep was lucky ) but I did see a sloth bear, a leopard, Gaur, deer, TONS of birds( my beloved owls and eagles included ) giant squirrels and so many more❤️❤️ Plenty more details that I shall share in a blogpost soon, specially why this particular jungle is different from the rest and why you really shouldn’t give it a miss but till then these pictures should give you a glimpse of the happiness I encountered this week ❤️ #thetinytaster #satpura #safarigirl #forsyth #incredibleindia #junglequeen #tinygoestravelling #intothewild