Back from her honeymoon in Paris, Daphne Antelerone-McGreer came by Bridge Street to help Luanne Wright-Rodriguez pick out paint colors for her new house. Tank had just gone off with Angelica, and Luanne met Daphne out on the porch. Wearing a silk wrap dress and fancy sandals, her hair all blonde and curly, Daphne sashayed inside.
“Will you look at what Kyle did to these floors, honey! Boy, did he do a nice job!” she exclaimed, giving Lu a hug.
After she made a big fuss over Julianna, she messed around with the paint swatches Luanne had plastered all over the living room wall.
“Hmm, I like this pale yellow. You want to do a nice warm color in this room, somethin’ sunny, then carry some bright accents into the dining room?”
Luanne shrugged, so Daphne moved into the little rectangular room, lit from windows on one side.
“Pretty little dining room. I like your momma’s dining set.”
“Was my granny’s. I like it too.”
“You got your matchin’ buffet and that killer china case, with a real Austrian crystal chandelier,” Daphne admired, making Luanne feel special. “You could brighten this room with a creamy color, something that’s got some warmth, but light enough to open the room up. Maybe wallpaper just the ceiling, for some pattern, hang a nice fern or two in the window? I do like those little shutters your momma’s got at the windows. They’re pretty white, like the woodwork, makes your granny’s dark set show up nice against them. Why don’t we make the woodwork a little creamier, ‘stead of this pure white?”
“Sounds good,” Luanne nodded, moving on. “What about the kitchen?”
“Heck, you’ve got these homey honey-pine cabinets, and that light counter top. You might want to try a nice country color scheme, Luanne. Maybe do a nice warm pale yellow in the living room, then a creamy white in the dining room, how about a pewter or lilac blue back here? Something with some punch, set those pine cabinets off nice, and you can add plenty of yellow accents to keep it bright?”
“Sounds great,” Luanne answered. “I like the lilac idea. Let’s go up to the bedrooms. I thought a pinky-peach for Julianna’s room, and maybe a dusky rose for mine.”
After they had their swatches all picked out, Daphne tried to persuade Luanne to put Julianna’s car seat right into her new champagne-colored eV SUV, a fancy Mercedes, just like the movie stars had.
“C’mon, let me drive you over to Home Depot in Beeville for the paint,” she begged. “I want to get it for your housewarming gift, Luanne, and then we can have a little lunch.”
“I can’t let you do that!” Luanne exclaimed.
Daphne pouted.
Putting an arm around Luanne’s shoulder, she drawled, “You’re my sister’s best friend, Lu, course you can. This way next time I come out from Austin, you’ll have the walls all painted up and we can work on some nice accents and new curtains. C’mon, darlin’” she whispered. “You know I don’t have anything better to do, and it’ll give me more time with that sweet baby o’ yours. I gotta practice, Lu. When was the last time I put a smile on that pretty face that works so hard raisin’ these darlin’ babies?”
Luanne couldn’t say no to Daphne. Nobody ever could.…/…/