As we listen to this healthcare debate

As we listen to this healthcare debate, remember that any of us could end up sick, desperate, needing assistance. There is not a “pool” of people who get what they deserve. Life is a lottery. As many of you know my youngest sister is suffering from Frontotemporal Degeneration at age 49. She had a passion for training thoroughbreds and I know she would have worked to 100 working with her beloved horses if she could have. Additionally her husband is having heart surgery today. There but for the grace of God go any of us. Please keep them in your thoughts.
Civilization means we all pull together. If people have a belief in a higher power surely it means we care for our fellow humans.
“Our life is grounded and rooted in love, and without love we may not live.” Julian of Norwich

105 thoughts on “As we listen to this healthcare debate”

  1. This whole discussion about healthcare seems to be about which side will win instead of any real consideration for the real lives lived by average Americans

  2. Sending prayers for your family! I pray that all citizens of this ( Always been) GREAT US has Healthcare!!! Our not so Great Government officials need to think of ALL citizens not just the Rich! Again…Many prayers for your family. God Bless!

  3. I have always looked up to Kate so much. My grandfather could be intimidating to work with, but he had so much respect for Kate. She was so talented in her field and so hard working. As you said, there are not a lot of women in the horse industry, and particularly in training, and she was so passionate and driven. I just loved being around her when I was growing up. ❤️you’re a great sister, Carrie.

  4. This is just so sad. So sorry for what you’re all going through. We all need to remember not to take life for granted. Sending hugs and hoping all goes well today.

  5. Carrie, I am fighting this repeal of insurance every day with anyone that will listen. So sorry about your sister and her husband I lost my younger sister to breast cancer way too young but thankful she was a teacher in N C and had excellent state insurance. I can’t imagine the horror of anyone being sick and having no or inadequate insurance. Tell them to hang in until mid term elections next year when we will all be stronger together in throwing out the bums! They are heartless!

  6. Keeping you and your family in our thoughts, Carrie–if we can do anything, please let us know. In the meantime, we’ll fighting like hell to save the ACA and keep healthcare for those who so need it!

  7. I had no idea, Carrie. Your post is true and heartfelt and humbling. We are all doing fine…until we aren’t. Those days will come, and we don’t get to choose when or what.

  8. Well said. My wife Kelly Harless Lytle is also suffering from Frontal Temporal Dementia. She is a graduate of U of Richmond class of 1984. So sad for such a smart and vital lady. Life sometimes isn’t fair. She is loved and cared for.

    1. Bill I know Kelly and her story through mutual friends and through her sister. I was at UR at the same time. Much love to you and especially your daughter ❤️

    2. Thanks Carrie. We are doing fine for now and my daughter is thriving at school and activities. Don’t know what the future holds. Try to take things a day at a time. I’ll mention you to Kelly. Her long term memory is very good.

  9. Carrie, thoughts are with you, your sister and family. You are her advocate and I hope your very important and heartfelt message is heard!

  10. You’re right. Life in the good ole USA is like going to the Vegas craps table. Get an education, follow all life’s rules and you’re not protected from sheer bad luck. In days of old the wisdom was “Go West Young Man”. Now, it’s head North to Canada- a socialist country which protects its citizens from the fickle finger of fate!

  11. When you have a special needs child and their future depends on access to healthcare and other services that are being cut in favor of school vouchers for middle-class families and tax cuts for the affluent, you are not waiting for the lottery. You have “already won.”

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